New USAF flight to Benghazi

After the unusual direct flight USA – Benghazi of yesterday, this night we’ve tracked a new USAF flight to Benghazi (this time departed from Ramstein AFB, Germany).

The USAF Boeing C-17A (callsign RCH223, reg. 09-9205) left Ramstein at 22:05 CEST and follow the usual route followed by previous flights to Libya (northern Italy, Tyrrhenian Sea).

As yesterday,  the aircraft disappeared from all tracking site around 23:47 CEST over southern Tyrrhenian sea when it flew southbound.

The aircraft should have landed in Benghazi around 01:30 CEST.

We don’t have a complete track of the return flight. The aircraft is apperared again when it left Italian air space at 05:15 CEST.

Considering the flight times the plane should have remained in Benghazi, about 1 hour and a half, time compatible with previous visits.

The Globemaster, landed in Ramstein AFB at 06:06 CEST, is now in flight to the USA.

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