Double Italian mission in Libya

Today we recorded two Italian missions on the Libyan theater.

The first is a logistic mission for the Italian military hospital in Misrata (MIASIT): an Italian Air Force C-130J (reg. MM62193 – callsign IAM4669) took off in Pratica di Mare AB at 11:22 CEST this morning heading south and disappeared from the tracking sites south of Lampedusa.

The same aircraft then reappeared in the Malta FIR around 16:30 CEST flying northbound to Pratica di Mare.

The second mission was instead performed by an Italian Beechcraft B350ER (reg. MM62300 – callsign IAM1499) which took off from Pantelleria AB and which performed a routine ISR mission off western Libya (we don’t know exactly where because once it entered the Libyan FIR area it switched off the transponder).

This is also a routine mission and the two missions shouldn’t be linked.

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