“Hornet” for Tunisia?

The news came out for the first time in early May, reported by the twitter account “Military Africa” and is now circulating more and more insistently, Tunisia would be interested in the acquisition of some former Kuwaiti Boeing F/A-18s.

Tunisia is currently in an emergency to find a replacement in a short time to its F-5s that have now run out of hours.

However, the military budget is very small and therefore the idea is to buy some F-18s from the Kuwait Air Force which is renewing its fighter fleet with the acquisition of the new F-18E “Super Hornet “and Eurofighter Typhoon.

The US has given its ok to the operation which would therefore be on the right track.

The only point that still holds back the acquisition is the cost of operating the aircraft (estimated at approximately $ 10,000 / hour of flight).

The alternative to the F-18s would be the acquisition of the new L-39NGs but the timing of their delivery appears too long for the needs of the Tunisian air force.

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