Movements in Tripoli

This morning saw a busy situation in Tripoli. We tracked two flights, a RAF Dasault Falcon 900LX (reg. G-ZAHS) and a Gulstream G600 of CAI (reg. I-ANIG), an airline close to the Italian services, that landed in the Libyan capital this morning.

The first then departed for Benghazi, while the Italian aircraft returned home after about 3 hours of arrival (11:30 CEST).

While the two aircraft were on the ground in Tripoli, a USNavy Lockheed EP-3E (reg. 156517) became trackable that conducted a SIGINT mission in front of the Libyan capital.

This type of missions are not rare and we don’t know if it was linked to the presence of the above aircraft but the callsign of the Aries (UK13) makes us think that maybe it was.

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