OURANOS on task

This morning we are tracking a Hellenic Air Force Embraer EMB-145 AEW&C aircraft (registration 729 – c/s OURANOS31) orbiting over the eastern Mediterranean east of Crete.

The aircraft, which took off from Elefsis AB near Athens, is currently returning to base, as of this moment (10:30 CET). We usually see this type of mission (within the context of IRINI) conducted over the Ionian Sea, but lately we have observed missions carried out over the eastern Mediterranean instead.

The EMB-145 AEW&C is a surveillance aircraft equipped with an advanced radar system mounted on a rotodome atop its fuselage. This system provides the aircraft with an airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) capability, allowing it to detect and track airborne and maritime targets over a wide area. The aircraft is often used for surveillance, reconnaissance, and command and control missions by air forces around the world.

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