German frigate Hessen leaves Souda for the Red Sea

After a few days of stopover in Souda, the German Navy air defense frigate ‘Hessen’ (F 221) leaves the Cretan base heading towards Suez.

Departed at the end of January from the German base in Wilhelmshaven, marking Berlin’s contribution to the EU mission Aspides

The Hessen represents one of three Sachsen-class vessels within the service’s fleet, identified as the sole type deemed sufficiently survivable for the assigned task. Navy Chief Vice Adm. Jan Christian Kaack mentioned that the ship’s upcoming deployment under the EU’s Aspides mission is expected to span “a few months,” indicating the fleet’s limitations may prevent prolonged presence in the Red Sea beyond the latter half of the year.

Simultaneously, Houthi assaults on merchant vessels persist despite efforts by American and British forces to diminish the group’s ability to launch weapons.

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