The destroyer ITS Caio Duilio shot down a drone in the Red Sea

This afternoon, in implementation of the principle of self-defense, the Italian Navy destroyer Caio Duilio (D 554) shot down a drone in the Red Sea. This was reported in a statement by the Ministry of Defense.

The drone, bearing similar characteristics to those used in previous attacks, was approximately 6 kilometers away from the Italian vessel, flying towards it.

The Duilio is outfitted with the Aster 15 and Aster 30 surface-to-air missiles (SAM) as its primary SAM system but in this case the Italian ship used one of its 76mm OTO cannons to shoot down the drone.”

Currently stationed in the area to ensure freedom of navigation and the security of commercial routes, the Duilio has taken over from the Martinengo in national operations, initiated at the end of December following attacks by Houthi militants against shipping traffic in the Bab el Mandeb strait.

Defense Minister Guido Crosetto emphasized: “The terrorist attacks by the Houthis are a serious violation of international law and an assault on the security of maritime traffic on which our economy depends”.

These attacks are part of a hybrid war, using every possible means, not only military, to harm some countries and benefit others.” The Duilio ship operates in the Red Sea to ensure the protection of international law and safeguard national interests.

It could potentially be the first time since World War II that an Italian naval unit has shot down an aircraft (albeit unmanned) in action.

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