Submarines in the Ionian Sea

The Dynamic Manta exercise officially concluded yesterday, March 8, 2024. This final report summarizes the information gathered on the submarines involved in the exercise.

Retrieving accurate OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) information on submarines is always a challenge. On the one hand, they are the least visible military assets for obvious reasons. On the other hand, without an identification number, it is difficult to distinguish between units belonging to the same class (which often differ by few or even no visible details).

Nevertheless, we managed to identify some of the participating submarines. Italy deployed a Todaro-class submarine (Type 212A), possibly the “Salvatore Todaro” (S 526) after which the class is named. The second Italian submarine has not been identified

Todaro class submarine – via NATO

Spain participated with an Agosta-class submarine, the Galerna (S71), the last active vessel of the class.

Galerna (S71) – via NATO

Turkey participated with the TCG Anafartalar (S-356), of the Preveza class.

Anafartalar (S-356) – via NATO

Greece participated with a Papanikolis-class submarine (Type 214), the HS Matrozos (S122).

Greek Submarine Precedes Some NATO Surface Units (via Ministero della Difesa)

Instead, France is expected to have participated with a Rubis-class nuclear attack submarine, the Émeraude (S604) or the Perle (S606)

Rubis-class sbmarine (via Marine Nationale)

Unfortunately, at the moment we have not received any information on the USNavy submarine.

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