Increase in US attention on the Eastern Mediterranean

Tension is escalating in the Middle East with threats of an Iranian attack on Israel, and the US attention in the region is increasing.

This morning, we tracked a long surveillance mission carried out by a US Navy Boeing P-8A (or at least, that’s what was indicated by various tracking sites) taking off from Souda Bay Air Base. The aircraft extensively orbited off the coast of Syria and Lebanon.

Once this mission was completed, another US Navy Boeing P-8A took off from NAS Sigonella and positioned itself in the eastern Mediterranean to perform a mission similar to that carried out by the Poseidon this morning.

US Navy naval units are also moving into the area, with at least one missile-launching unit (we do not know if a cruiser or a destroyer from the USS Eisenhower CSG) returning to the Mediterranean (or about to).

Finally, it seems that the USS Eisenhower CSG itself is moving further north in the Red Sea compared to the area where it has operated in recent weeks.

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