It’s time to return home

Yesterday, around 20:30 CEST, the returning Italian contingent from the Red Flag Alaska 2024 exercise landed at Lajes Air Base in the Azores. At least 3 Boeing KC-767A (reg. MM62226/7/8) and two Lockheed C-130J (reg. MM62191, MM62186) aircraft were used for the transatlantic flight, accompanying 6 Eurofighter F-2000A and an equal number of Lockheed F-35A.

The Italian Air Force participated in Red Flag Alaska 2024 alongside US forces in an intense flying exercise lasting over two weeks. This event, one of the most significant of the year for the Italian Air Force, allowed Italian pilots and crews to validate the capabilities of their weapon systems and consolidate operational tactics in modern and complex tactical scenarios.

With an Autonomous Flight Unit consisting of four different types of aircraft (Boeing KC-767A, Gulfstream E.550 CAEW, F-2000A, and F-35A), the Italian Air Force successfully conducted two missions per day for over 600 hours of total flight time and more than 260 sorties. This training took place in the Joint Pacific Range Complex, a vast and diverse airspace that provided a unique environment for military exercises.

The event also provided a valuable opportunity for interaction and cooperation between Italian and US assets, promoting interoperability and facilitating the development of joint tactics.

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