Russian Navy Logistic Support in Syria

The Vice Admiral Pamorov, a logistic support vessel of the Russian Navy, traveled from Russia accompanied by the tanker Yaz and arrived this week in the Syrian port of Tartus. The two units separated after passing through the Strait of Gibraltar, with the Pamorov continuing towards Tartus. The presence of the Pamorov in Tartus is of particular importance, as this vessel is capable of providing logistical support to all Russian naval units present in the port or operating in the surrounding sea.

The vessel has replaced the Amur-class repair ship PM-82, which left Tartus at the end of December 2023. The PM-82 had played a crucial role in supporting Russian operations in the region, but now the task has been entrusted to the Pamorov, which has the necessary capabilities to continue this essential work.

One of the possible reasons for the Pamorov’s presence in Tartus is to support the UFA submarine. If the submarine is experiencing logistical issues, the Pamorov is equipped to provide assistance. This includes supplying materials, repairs, and other forms of technical support. The Pamorov’s ability to operate both in port and at sea makes it an extremely versatile and valuable asset for the Russian fleet.

The continuous Russian presence in the Eastern Mediterranean, supported by vessels like the Pamorov, highlights the strategic importance of the region for Moscow. The port of Tartus represents a key base for Russian operations, offering a logistical platform for naval and military activities. The ability to maintain and support an operational naval force in the region allows Russia to project power and influence geopolitical events in the Middle East.

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