The Cavour Carrier Strike Group has left Taranto for the Far East

Although not many news reports have been released through official channels, we know that the Italian Navy aircraft carrier Cavour (C550) has left Taranto to begin its cruise to the Far East, where it will participate in exercises with, among others, the Navies of Australia, Japan, and the USA.

It is understood that currently, the carrier strike group consists of the Italian aircraft carrier, the Italian frigate Alpino (F594), the Spanish frigate Numancia (F83), and the French replenishment ship Somme (A631).

We know that during the cruise, the composition of the CSG will change. It is interesting, looking at the images released by the commander of NATO SNMG2, to see that the flight deck of the aircraft carrier is well occupied with at least 4 Harriers and 3 F-35s visible (but it is certain that the aircraft it is carrying are more).

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