Varyag training activities

Here we report an interesting note from the Russian Ministry of Defense informing about the training activities being conducted by the cruiser Varyag in the Mediterranean.

Since her arrival in the area, the unit has not conducted any “real” operational activities but has made courtesy visits to “friendly” ports and, indeed, has conducted exercises.

“The crew of the Guards missile cruiser “Varyag” conducted a series of scheduled exercises in the Mediterranean Sea.

The crew of the “Varyag” practiced tasks involving the detection and destruction of small, high-speed targets. The sailors ensured the ship’s concealment by using a circular smoke screen, and reinforcement groups trained to effectively distribute targets to ensure their guaranteed destruction under conditions of a massive attack by unmanned boats. Fire on simulated targets was conducted using the ship’s standard heavy machine guns “Kord” and “Utes.”

Another episode of the exercise involved the destruction of a floating naval mine posing a threat to peaceful navigation by detonation.

The cruiser crew also repelled an attack by an “enemy” ship, firing from the AK-130 and AK-630 artillery installations at a target simulating a surface vessel.

Additionally, the flagship of the Pacific Fleet improved practical skills for defense against air attacks by a simulated enemy, performing artillery fire on an aerial target and conditional use of the “Fort” anti-aircraft missile system.

During the anti-submarine exercise, the ship’s crew conducted a range of activities to search for, classify, and track a simulated enemy submarine. To destroy the “submarine,” the RBU-6000 rocket launcher and the ship’s torpedo armament were used“.

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