Monitoring Libya

Today (from 03:00 CEST to 17:45), a USNavy Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton (reg. 169659), designated with the callsign “BLACKCAT5,” has carried out a significant surveillance mission in the central Mediterranean, primarily focusing on the waters off the Libyan coast, departing from NAS Sigonella.

The flight path highlights a planned route involving both the Libyan coastal area and the region between Malta and Sicily.

The presence of the drone in these areas is no coincidence. The central Mediterranean and the North African region are currently at the center of multiple strategic interests and geopolitical tensions. Libya, in particular, continues to be a hotspot of instability, with numerous internal factions and external influences making the situation complex and dynamic. Surveillance operations like the one conducted by the Triton are crucial for monitoring maritime traffic, preventing illegal activities such as arms and human trafficking, and gathering vital information for regional security.

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