Turkish “Hawk” deployed in Tripoli

According to a video posted on Babak Taghvaee twitter account it seems now confirmed that Turkey has deployed an I-HAWK PIP-3 air defense system to Mitiga Airport in Tripoli to protect the airplanes landing from danger of Libya National Air Force airstrikes.

This video was recorded on Thursday.

The Hawk System is an all weather air defense missile system which provides defense on wide ranges or specific targets against fast moving planes in low to medium altitude, suspended helicopters, and short-range ground-to-ground missiles.

The system receives and transfers aerial images by means of ATDL communication data. The system includes a PCP Command Post which commands the process of deployment,

CWAR radar detection, HPI Doppler radar and 6 launching pads – each equipped with 3 missiles. All systems include: Control center, search radar & locking and tracking radar, launchers, missiles, spare parts and relevant equipment.

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