Busy begin of the week

Intense NATO aerial activity was reported this morning in the Black Sea area.

Numerous assets are engaged in various missions. A USAF Boeing RC-135W (reg. 62-4134 – c/s JAKE17) is currently orbiting over eastern Romania near the border with Moldova, while just south of there, a Turkish Air Force Boeing E-7T (reg. 13-002 – c/s TURAF42) is conducting aerial surveillance.

A similar mission is underway for a NATO Boeing E-3A (reg. LX-N90442), which is arriving in the area and preparing, before commencing its mission, for aerial refueling with a Turkish Boeing KC-135R (reg. 60-0326 – c/s TURAF10).

Finally, a USN Boeing P-8A from NAS Sigonella is also set to arrive in the area.

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