New flight to Misrata for an Italian AF Hercules

Today we’ve tracked a new flight of an Italian Air Force Lockheed C-130J (reg. MM62181 – callsign IAM4634) to Misrata, Libya.

The aircraft left Pisa San Giusto AB at 14:18 CEST for Misrata where is landed around 09:43. After an half hour the aircraft left also Pratica di mare southbound landing in Misrata around 16:30.

Around 18:00 the aircraft departed from Misrata back to Pisa and now is in flight over Sicily northbound.

It was a flight with supplies for the Italian military field hospital in Misrata (Missione bilaterale di assistenza e supporto in Libia – MIASIT ). No other Italian aircraft have been tracked in the area.

The Italian medical team consists of 70 doctors and nurses as well as 135 service staffers in all different sections of the hospital.

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