Busy morning in the Black Sea area

Usual and unusual guests this morning in the Black Sea theatre.

An RAF Boeing RC-135W (reg. ZZ664), which took off from Souda Bay AB, the same aircraft that operated over northern Iraq yesterday, is operating in the area (but has switched off the ADS-B transponder). There are currently no aircraft escorting the British aircraft in the area.

Orbiting south of the Crimea is a USAF Northrop Grumman RQ-4B (reg. 10-2045 – callsign FORTE11) which took off tonight from NAS Sigonella.

Over eastern Romania a USAF Boeing KC-135R (reg. 60-0335 – callsign BOZO20) is orbiting for a mission in support of NATO fighters in the area (in support of the British Rivet Join?).

Also arriving in the area from Konya AB is a NATO Boeing E-3A (reg. LX-N90446 ) to provide additional aerial surveillance of the area

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