Where are you Admiral?

For a few days, there has been a lot of attention around the Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov.

The Admiral Gorshkov  left its port of assignment, in the Murmansk area, on 4th of January for a long cruise that will take it to the Indian Ocean, via the Mediterranean (where it could stay for up to a year), the ship would be armed with new Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles.

The final destination of the frigate is the Mediterranean Sea, but it will not reach it before the end of March as it is expected in South Africa in the second half of February, where it will participate in an exercise with South African and Chinese naval units.

However, the attention on the frigate is due to the fact that the other day it deviated from its route towards the south, heading west towards the Bermuda Islands and the US coast.

Somewhere in the North Atlantic, the ship simulated the launch of hypersonic missiles. It is not easy to understand where the ship is currently located because there is a lot of confusion on the web and we will not venture into hypotheses not supported by concrete facts.

On many media, an image of a radar screen was even reposted showing the Russian ship (but in fact it was a video game, Command Modern Operations,e screenshot!).

Command Modern Operations screenshot

What we know is that the tanker Kama, which the Admiral Gorshkov has been sailing with since its departure from Murmansk, is now also sailing southwest and is approximately in the middle of the Atlantic, sailing in the SSO direction.

It is possible that the two ships will meet before turning towards South Africa. In the next few days, we will try to understand if the route towards the southern Atlantic will be direct or if there will be any other unexpected deviations or stops.

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