No more Russian submarine (known) in the Mediterranean

It is now confirmed that the only Russian submarine present in the Mediterranean, the Krasnodar (B-265) has also left the Mediterranean.

It was in fact filmed this morning while crossing the Strait of Gibraltar with the tugboat Sergey Balk.

The Krasnodar is a Kilo-class submarine, with diesel engines, extremely quiet, and equipped with long-range Kalibr missiles. It was the only Russian submarine that was known to be in the Mediterranean today.

The Krasnodar is withdrawing from the Syrian base of Tartus, after two years of activity. The submarine needs maintenance and Turkey prohibits the Russian navy from crossing the Bosphorus. For this reason, the Krasnodar had to cross the Strait of Gibraltar and reach the ports of the Baltic Sea.

The Russian presence in the Mediterranean remains at its lowest level in years, with only two combat units (two corvettes) present in Tartus and a spy ship.

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