Pentagon Extends USS Gerald R. Ford’s Deployment in the Mediterranean sea

The Pentagon has decided to prolong the USS Gerald R. Ford’s initial full deployment, which was anticipated to conclude shortly. This marks an unexpected development for the United States Navy’s newest supercarrier, as it is currently deployed alongside other warships in the vicinity of Israel.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has granted approval for an extension of the Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group’s deployment within the operational area of the US Naval Forces Europe-Africa, also known as the Sixth Fleet. Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh conveyed this information in a statement on Tuesday.

She mentioned that the strike group was approaching the conclusion of its six-month deployment within the area of responsibility of the US European Command, but did not specify the exact duration of the extension.

Remember that the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower is also about to arrive in the Mediterranean, which means that it will operate for a longer period of time than we had initially anticipated with the USS Ford.

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