The Italian mission in Iraq continues

This morning, an Italian Air Force Boeing KC-767A (registration MM62228 – c/s DAVID13) carried out an aerial refueling mission off the coast of Kuwait. The aircraft took off from Kuwait Int’l Airport at 07:07 CET and headed towards southern Iraq. From there, it proceeded to the Persian Gulf, where it orbited for approximately 4 hours before returning to the departure airport.

Italy has been participating since 2014 in the multinational coalition known as “Operation Inherent Resolve” – OIR (composed of 84 nations and 5 international organizations) against ISIS terrorists operating in Iraq and Syria. In Kuwait, the Italian National Contingent Command Air (IT NCC AIR) operates to provide a significant contribution to coalition operations aimed at definitively defeating ISIS.

From the Ali Al Salem Air Base, Italian military personnel conduct surveillance, reconnaissance, and data collection activities with Eurofighter and Predator aircraft, used to ensure the safety of the civilian population and personnel operating in Iraq. The Air Task Force also provides air refueling for coalition assets with KC-767A aircraft from the Italian Air Force. In a joint context with the Italian Army, it ensures the defense of the skies with the Integrated Air and Missile Defense System SAMP/T. Additionally, C130J aircraft are used for Medevac and Air Lift operations, as well as tactical transport in the “Prima Parthica” operation concerning Iraqi territory, and in EUTM for the Somali and Djiboutian territories.

The surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence, and analysis activities, as well as air defense carried out by this contingent, not only effectively respond to the coalition’s requests but also guarantee and strengthen the excellent friendship and collaboration between Italy and Kuwait, countries with multiple common interests.

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