Where is IKE?

The main U.S. deployment in the Red Sea, from which the recent airstrikes against the Houthis were launched, is the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69).

Today, we can identify its approximate location with reasonable accuracy, thanks to the journey of a pair of USN Grumman C-2A (registration 162157 and 162161) that flew from Al Kharj in Saudi Arabia to the carrier navigating in the Red Sea, and then departed towards Bahrain.

IKE (as the U.S. carrier is commonly called) was initially stationed in the Persian Gulf before being relocated to the Red Sea to address the threat of drones and missiles launched from Yemen.

In this case, the aircraft’s position is only estimated because, unlike in the Mediterranean, ADS-B coverage here is not very precise and extensive

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