Hunt for… Harry Truman?

In this chart you can see the actual position of USS Harry Truman (CVN-75) and its Combat Strike Group.

The Truman CSG is on the way for Persian Gulf (via Canal of Suez) and now is sailing in the Ionian Sea east of Sicily.

But the CSG it’s not alone since its passage through the Strait of Gibraltar the ship is followed by a unit of the Russian Navy, the “Spasatel Demidov” (MPSV07 class ) which officially has SAR duties and is heading towards the Black Sea.

The vessel The vessels, an icebreajker, has a sea endurance of 20 days and is equipped with machinery to investigate the sea bed and damaged objects lying in depths of up to 1,000m. MPSV07 class can also perform underwater diving operations to depths as low as 300m.

Is it just a coincidence that the Russian ship has been following the American CSG one for several days? Does the Russian Naval unit only have SAR tasks or does it also have the capacity to listen to electro-communication from other naval units?

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