Dynamic Manta exercise

Second day of Dynamic Manta 2021 exercise. The aim of Dynamic Manta is to provide all participants with complex and challenging warfare training to enhance their interoperability and proficiency in anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare skills, with due regard to safety.

Each surface ship will have the opportunity to conduct a variety of submarine warfare operations. The submarines will take turns hunting and being hunted, closely coordinating their efforts with the air and surface participants.

Eight NATO Allies are participating: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United States; with five surface ships (FRA, GRC, ITA, SPA, TUR); five submarines (GRC, ITA, TUR, USA); five maritime patrol aircrafts (FRA, GER, GRE, ITA, USA); and an aircraft carrier from France and its support ships from FRA, BEL, GRE and USA.

This morning we’re tracking two different aircrat off eastern Sicilian coast

A USNavy Boeing P-8A departed from NAS Sigonella is making a training mission off Catania orbiting over a target in the Ionian Sea

At the same time a German Navy Lockheed P-3C (reg. 60+08 – callsign GNY4530) is departed from Sigonella AB and is operating south of the area of the US Poseidon.

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