Monitoring Russian ships to Odessa

This morning we tracked a surveillance mission operated by a USN EP-3E over eastern Romania.

The mission also monitored the situation in the Odessa area and the stretch of sea in front of it.

This afternoon, a USAF Global Hawk (reg. 10-2045 – callsign FORTE11) from Sigonella is conducting a surveillance mission over the Black Sea. However, unlike in the past few days (when it flew over the eastern part of the Black Sea), in this case it is concentrating on the western part.

We do not know if the things are connected, but it seems that in these hours several naval units of the Russian Navy are moving towards the Ukrainian city, raising fears of the beginning of an operation aimed at its conquest.

It is therefore possible that the attention of NATO assets has also moved to this area to monitor the progress of operations (and provide data to the Ukrainian armed forces).

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