Third report on the naval situation in the Mediterranean Sea

New (3rd) report on the naval situation in the central and eastern Mediterranean:


NATO currently has 2 aircraft carriers available in the central/eastern Mediterranean:

1) The US aircraft carrier USS Truman (CVN-75) and its CSG (Combat Strike Group) is now sailing in the Ionian sea (see below).

2) The Italian aircraft carrier Cavour (C550) is in Taranto.

3) The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R91) has arrived this morning in Toulon after 2 months deployment in the eastern Mediterranean sea

4) The Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 is underway in the eastern Mediterranean sea


Russian forces are currently divided as follows:

1) Surface Action Group (SAG) of the cruiser Varyag is in the Ionian Sea

2) A Udaloy Class destroyer (probably Admiral Kulakov) is shadowing a the USS Truman aircraft carrier in the Ionian sea

2) SAG of the cruiser Ustinov is underway south of Crete where it can interdict access to the Aegean or Eastern Mediterranean.

3) East of Crete we’re tracking an intense activity of the NATO anti-submarine aircrafts.  At least three Russian Navy vessels were in the area: a Kilo-class submarine in surfacing (may have a malfunction), an Amur-class repair ship and a Burian-class corvette.

4) To the east of Cyprus a group of oil tankers/support vessels was tracked, possibly waiting to supply naval units.

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