Russian cruiser Varyag in the Ionian Sea?

The twitter account @TheShipYard2 published an updated map with the positions of the main Russian naval units.

Interestingly, in the Ionian Sea, at least two units are reported, the cruiser Varyag (011) and Udaloy I class DDGH – Admiral Tributs (564).

The Varyag is a Slava-class cruiser, the same class as the Moskva, one of the most powerful units deployed in the Mediterranean together with the cruiser Ustinov.

We do not know the exact whereabouts of the naval group, but yesterday (thanks to Sergio Scandura for the report), while observing the course of an RCAF Lockheed CP-140 (reg. 14110) returning from a mission over the eastern Mediterranean, we recorded how it made an unusual diversions in the Ionian Sea, orbiting west of the island of Zakynthos.

It’s not known if this deviation is due to and whether it is related to the presence of Russian ships, but it is certainly an unusual deviation.
It should be noted that the Truman CSG should also be in the area again.

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