Confront between Italian and Russian Navy in the Adriatic Sea

In an interview with the Italian newspaper ‘La Repubblica‘, the Chief of the Defence Staff, Admiral Cavo Dragone, explained what has happened in the Adriatic Sea in recent weeks.

Three different Russian units have entered the Adriatic Sea, where the aircraft carrier USS Truman (CVN-75) and its Combat Strike Group are located:

– destroyer Admiral Tributs (783), which operated in the central Adriatic;

– the intelligence ship Vasiliy Nikitich Tatishchev (SSV231);

– the cruiser Varyag (011), which operated in the southern Adriatic;

Meanwhile the frigate Admiral Grigorovich (745) has operated in the Ionian Sea.

The Italian Navy has deployed different units in the Adriatic that closely followed the Russian ships:

– the frigate Bergamini (F590) in the central Adriatic

– the submarine Longobardo (S524);

– the frigate Marceglia (F597) in the southern Adriatic

– the frigate Libeccio (F572);

In addition, Italian Air Force ATR P-72As and USNavy Boeing P-8As from Sigonella took part in the control operations of the Russian units.

Currently, the Russian units have left the Adriatic and are sailing in the Ionian Sea.

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