No holidays at Easter

It had been a while since we recorded missions of a USAF Northrop Grumman RQ-4B.

Today, a Global Hawk (reg. 11-2046, callsign FORTE11), taking off from NAS Sigonella, is conducting a surveillance mission over Eastern Romania.

It’s not the first time we track a mission in the area, but it’s still unusual to see it operating there instead of over the Black Sea.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, USAF Global Hawk missions over the Black Sea have become more frequent and crucial in monitoring the situation in the region. The Global Hawk is an unmanned aerial vehicle that provides real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities to military commanders.

These missions have been critical in monitoring Russian military activity in the region, including the deployment of troops and equipment along the Ukrainian border. The Global Hawk’s advanced sensors and high-altitude capabilities have enabled it to collect valuable information on Russian military movements, providing crucial intelligence to decision-makers.

Overall, the Global Hawk has proven to be a valuable asset in the region since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine. Its ability to provide real-time intelligence and surveillance has allowed military leaders to make informed decisions and respond quickly to changing situations on the ground.

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