Italian Special Forces blitz on a cargo ship off the coast of Naples

In a statement, Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto announced that Italian Special Forces stationed in Brindisi have launched an operation to free a Turkish ship (Galata Seawys, IMO: 9422134) that was seized by approximately 15 migrant individuals while off the coast of Naples. These migrants had hidden aboard the vessel, which was headed for France.

According to reports, the assailants were armed with bladed weapons. The captain of the Turkish ship raised the alarm and requested assistance. The Guardia di Finanza (with the patrol boat “Sanna”, GDF G117) and the Coast Guard (with the vessel “Bruno Gregoretti”, CP920) ensured maritime security, while the Special Forces intervened directly on board. Some of the migrants, armed with four to five knives, attempted to gain access to the ship’s bridge with the intention of hijacking it.

Fortunately, the prompt intervention of the San Marco Battalion thwarted the migrants’ intentions.

The personnel from the San Marco Brigade intervened on the Turkish ship, descending from two Navy helicopters to regain control after the 15 migrants, once discovered, had caused disruptions. Although the operation is still ongoing, control of the ship has been regained when it was in the vicinity of Ischia.

The ship has now been recovered, but it has not yet been secured as the hijackers are still barricaded inside,” added Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto . Regarding the operation, he further stated, “We hope that it will be concluded as soon as possible without any consequences for anyone.”

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