Neptune Strike 2023-2 has begun

The units shown in the map are only a part of those participating in the exercise

On July 10th, the NATO Neptune Strike 2023-2 exercise began. As in previous editions of Neptune Strike, including NEST 23.1 in February 2023, NEST 23.2 will involve the transfer of authority (TOA) of assigned national forces to STRIKFORNATO and NATO command and control. Allied forces will execute a variety of evolutions in support of enhanced vigilance activity objectives throughout European airspace, waterways, and territory.

During NEST 23.2, the world’s largest aircraft carrier, USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78), will come under NATO command for the second time in two months.

In addition to Gerald R. Ford, multiple Allied units, including the Italian Navy’s aircraft carrier ITS Garibaldi (C551) and Allied ships, aircraft, and land units, will join the activity, reinforcing the interchangeability of Allied Forces and the agility of NATO command and control structures.

Among the NATO assets, we also have the Italian Navy frigate ITS Alpino (F594), which is integrated into the CSG of USS Ford, and the French Navy frigate FS Languedoc (D653).

Participating in the exercise in the Ionian Sea are the minesweeper ITS Viareggio (M 5559) and the replenishment oiler ITS Stromboli (A 5327), which have operated with the destroyer USS Paul Ignatius (DDG-117) and the replenishment oiler USNS Leroy Grumman (T-AO-195) in recent days.

Several aircraft assets are engaged in the exercise, including the aircraft from USS Ford, Italian AV-8B+ jets, and Spanish F/A-18s.

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