USS Gerald Ford expected in Trieste tomorrow

The USS Gerald Ford (CVN-78), the world’s largest aircraft carrier, is scheduled to arrive in Trieste, Italy, tomorrow, September 17. The carrier, which is the first carrier of the United States Navy’s Ford class, is expected to remain in port for five days.

The USS Ford is a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that is 337 meters long and has a displacement of over 100,000 tons. It is capable of carrying up to 75 aircraft, including F/A-18 Super Hornets, E-2 Hawkeyes, and MH-60R Seahawk helicopters.

The carrier’s arrival in Trieste is a sign of the strong relationship between the United States and Italy. It is also a reminder of the United States’ commitment to maintaining a strong presence in the Mediterranean Sea.

The USS Ford’s visit to Trieste is expected to generate significant economic activity in the city. The carrier’s crew of over 4,600 sailors is expected to spend money on food, entertainment, and other goods and services during their stay.

The carrier’s arrival is also expected to be a major tourist attraction. Visitors will be able to view the carrier from shore or take a boat tour of it.

The USS Ford is scheduled to depart Trieste on September 21.

“The USS Ford’s visit to Trieste is a sign of the strong relationship between the United States and Italy,” said US Ambassador to Italy John Phillips.
“We are excited to welcome the USS Ford to Trieste,” said Mayor of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza. “This is a great opportunity for our city to showcase its hospitality and culture.”
“We are expecting a significant economic boost from the USS Ford’s visit,” said President of the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste Guido De Grandi.

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