New day of Israeli Air Operations Around Gaza Strip

This morning, we also tracked intense aerial activity around the Gaza Strip. Obviously, this represents only a small part of the ongoing activity, but it still appears interesting.

Off the coast, the Israeli Air Force Gulfstream G550 Nachshon Oron (reg. 452 – c/s IRON) was in operation, a plane we have previously tracked multiple times. In the same area, a Lockheed C-130 orbited for an extended period, and an Hercules also orbited for a long time to the east of the Strip.

As far as we know (but we wouldn’t want to be mistaken), these are two common transport aircraft without SIGINT equipment, making it difficult to determine their assigned mission (a mission we have tracked many times since the beginning of the Gaza crisis).

It is worth noting that the flight paths appear irregular, likely due to jamming in the area

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