New day of Israeli Air Force operations

Another day of Israeli Air Force operations is underway. As we have written several times, it is extremely difficult to track what is happening in the area, as most of the missions are carried out by fighters that do not appear on tracking sites.

However, we can record something, for example a Boeing 707 (reg. 727) has been orbiting for a long time off the coast of the Gaza Strip, evidence that it has been engaged in a mid-air refueling mission.

The traces of two C-130s (498 & 499) have also appeared, flying over southern Israel and in front of the coast of Gaza. In both cases, the Hercules have orbited the same area.

Finally, a Gulfstream G550 Nachshon Oron (reg. 452, c/s IRON) is flying over the eastern Mediterranean, carrying out a SIGINT mission.

It is worth noting that all the tracks are very disturbed, probably due to jamming in the area.

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