New Israeli SIGINT mission

This morning we’re tracking an Israeli Air Force Gulfstream G550 Nachshon Oron (reg. 452) of the 122nd Tayeset Squadron departed around 08:00 CEST from Nevatim Air Base and operating over the eastern Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel and Gaza.

The Gulfstream G550 Nachshon Oron is an advanced aerial reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft used by the Israeli Air Force. This aircraft is based on the popular Gulfstream G550, a luxury airliner converted for military and intelligence purposes.

The aircraft has been equipped with sophisticated surveillance, communication, and intelligence systems, including advanced radar, sensors, and data collection suites. These capabilities allow the aircraft to conduct surveillance and intelligence missions, gathering crucial information for Israel’s national security. It can be used to monitor military and civilian activities in the region and contribute to the collection of real-time intelligence.

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