Eyes on Serbia

In the image above, we have compiled the flights of the last ten days conducted by a French Air Force Beech 350 ALSR (reg. F-RACH) and a US Army Bombardier ARTEMIS (reg. N488CR – c/s BRIO68), both equipped with instrumentation for conducting SIGINT missions.

The French Beech appears to be operating from Croatia, more precisely from Zadar, while the American aircraft is based in Constanța, Romania.

The French aircraft has been operating for several days over Kosovo near the Serbian border, while the US one is operating over Bosnia and western Romania.

These are SIGINT flights (SIGnals INTelligence), which involve collecting information by intercepting and analyzing signals, whether they are between people (such as radio communications) or machines (as in the case of ELINT, electronic signals intelligence), or a combination of both. Since many classified communications are encrypted, SIGINT operations often involve cryptanalysis tools. The Bombardier Artemis, operated by the American private military company Leidos, is equipped with sensors to carry out these types of missions.

Previously, we saw the French Beech engaged in Romania on missions related to the conflict in Ukraine, while the ARTEMIS, active on both the Eastern and Libyan fronts, had already operated in February in the Balkans.

The situation in Bosnia appears (apparently) calm, but in reality, tensions are numerous, as are tensions between Serbia and Kosovo.

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