IKE is back in the Mediterranean sea

Two USN Grumman C-2A (reg. 162157 & 162161) are currently flying from Sharm el-Sheikh Airport to Souda Bay AB, in Crete. The repositioning of the two aircraft (based on the USS Eisenhower) to a base in the Mediterranean indicates that the U.S. aircraft carrier is leaving the Red Sea to return to the Mediterranean.

For a few days, there have been rumors that the ship would reposition to the Eastern Mediterranean, and it seems that in the next few hours it might actually arrive in the area.

IKE, the nickname for the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69), has been deployed in the Red Sea for several months to counter the Houthi threat to maritime traffic in the region. Since the USS Gerald Ford left the Mediterranean in January, there has been no U.S. Carrier Strike Group (CSG) present in the Mediterranean.

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