A very busy morning

A very busy morning over Central Mediterranean Sea today.

Almost 4 different ISR missions were done (probably off Libya but we haven’t accurate data) by US, French and Italian aircraft.

An USNavy Lockheed EP-3A ( 157316 ) departed from Souda Bay AB was tracked around 10 AM somewhere over central Mediterranean Sea. In the past the same aircraft made many ISR mission over Tripoli and western Libya.

We’ve tracked also a French Air Force VFW Transall C-160NG (F221). This is a electronic warfare variant of the C-160, used in the “Escadron électronique aéroporté 1/54 Dunkerque” (Electronic Warfare Squadron). This Transall is a usual presence over the central Mediteranean sea in these days.

Over the Strait of Sicily we’ve tracked also (in flight southbound) an Italian Air Force Beechcraft B350ER (MM62300) departed from Decimomannu AB, Sardinia.

Last, but not least, we’ve tracked again an old acquaintance, the Tenax Aerospace Gulfstream IV (N338MM) used in the past to make, probably, imagery intelligence (IMINT) over Libya.

(Thanks to Sergio Scandura)


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