Chinese military supplies for Serbia

During the night, unusual traffic was recorded over European skies.

6 People’s Liberation Army Air Force Xi’an Y-20A (reg. 20041, 20042, 20045, 20047, 20049, 20142) have landed at Batajnica airbase, near Belgrade, Serbia.

They departed this morning, and in the picture above we have traced the last three aircraft to leave the Serbian capital.

In recent years, Serbia’s purchases of Chinese military supplies have been considerable.

In June 2020, Serbia’s air force received six combat drones armed with laser-guided missiles, the first such deployment of Chinese unmanned aerial vehicles in Europe.

Serbia has bought also a new generation of medium-range, radar-guided surface-to-air missiles from China (FK-3 missile defence system) in a new sign of deepening cooperation between Beijing and Belgrade.

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