Allied fighters train together over the central Mediterranean

Allied crews have come together for exercise Poseidon’s Rage 22 a large scale live fly event based out of Souda Air Base, Greece, July 11-22.

The exercise will see USAF F15-Es and F-35s deployed from RAF Lakenheath, England operating side by side with Hellenic Air Force F-16s from the 115th Combat Wing. The realistic live fly scenario will allow NATO Allies to train complex mission sets and test tactics, techniques and procedures.

The multi-domain exercise will also include surface based air defence units alongside land and maritime elements. This ensures Allies ability to project credible air power in a joint and multinational environment ensuring units can operate closely together and increasing Alliance cohesion.

Poseidon’s Rage is designed to bolster readiness and interoperability between NATO forces and integrate fourth and fifth-generation fighter capabilities in demonstrating localised air superiority. It showcases Allied ability to conduct large force employment exercises thus strengthening the Alliance’s capability to react to threats in across air domain.


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