Reaper down in Libya

The Forces of the Libyan National Army (LNA) claimed to have shot down a General Atomics MQ-9 near Benghazi.

Like all news from Libya, this too must be taken with due caution, especially with regard to certain details.

We don’t know for sure when the shooting down took place, nor whether if all the images circulating on social media actually are related to this event.

Nor do we know if the shooting down was the “work” of Libyan militias or if, rather, it was the work of members of the Russian company Wagner (which we know operates in the area).

The nationality of the drone is also unknown at the moment. Reapers are operated by, among others, the USA, Italy (both have lost a Reaper over Libya in the past) but also France and the UK.

A piece of news, therefore, that still has to answer several questions.

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