New day over the Black Sea

In the Black Sea theater this morning we recorded three different surveillance missions operated by NATO assets.

The first, conducted on the Black Sea off the Danube delta, was carried out by a USNavy Lockheed EP-3E (reg. 159887) taking off from Souda Bay AB. Usually this type of mission is always operated in the area but entirely on land (it is the second time in the last week that we trace the mission operated on the sea).

The second mission is that of a P-72MPA ATR of the Turkish Navy (reg. TCB-752 – c/s MARTI64) which is flying over the western part of the Black Sea.

The third mission, conducted by another P-72MPA ATR of the Turkish Navy (reg. TCB-751 – c/s MARTI60) was performed at the border between the Romanian and Bulgarian FIR in international waters where the ATR orbited for about half an hour.

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