NATO and Russian ships in the same exercise

Although it is not an exercise that took place in the Mediterranean, it is worth reporting on what happened during the Indonesian exercise KOMODO 2023.

Indeed, naval units from both NATO countries (such as the USA and Italy) and Russia ( corvettes Gromky, Sovershenny, and the medium sea tanker Pechenga) took part in the exercise. In particular, the photo at the top was taken by a Russian unit and captures the Italian Navy offshore patrol vessel  ITS Francesco Morosini (P431), which participated in the maneuvers.

It should be noted that 36 navies participated, including China, and it is not clear to what extent each unit was involved in the exercises.

It is important to highlight that the focus of the exercise was on disaster response and related humanitarian operations. However, it is still noteworthy that NATO naval units are involved in training activities alongside Russian units during this historical period.

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