Russian (and Wagner) situation in the Mediterranean

Currently, the situation in the Mediterranean is calm, and missions like the USN Poseidon this morning have been occurring for several days and are not related to the current Russian situation but rather to the presence of the USS Ford Carrier Strike Group in the Adriatic (and the absence from Tartus of the Russian submarine Krasnodar).

In the port of Tartus, Syria, all Russian naval units are located, including the Admiral Gorshov frigate armed with hypersonic missiles, except for the corvette Vladimir Emelyanov and the submarine Krasnodar. Both units have been absent for a few days.

The Wagner group is present in the Mediterranean in Syria and Libya, where it is also believed to have aircraft (MiG-29 and Su-24).

There is no news regarding any unusual activity in the two countries.

Obviously, the situation is extremely dynamic and evolving, but precisely for this reason, we need to take every piece of news with caution and wait for it to be confirmed by multiple sources before spreading it.

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