New mission for the Admiral Gorshkov

While numerous NATO naval units are engaged in the Neptune Shield exercise, almost all of the Russian naval forces are at anchor in the port of Tartus.

However, for the past few days, the main Russian unit in the Mediterranean, the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, is no longer reported to be in Tartus.

It is possible that it is conducting a mission in the Eastern Mediterranean.

It cannot be a mission in other areas of the Mediterranean because the unit is alone, not accompanied by other ships.

This reminds us of the last mission of the frigate, which escorted a Russian cargo ship from the Aegean to Syria.

Nevertheless, it is essential to highlight that the unit, armed with hypersonic missiles, which was supposed to change the game in the area according to Russian authorities, has had very little time at sea, and the few missions it has carried out have always been limited and of short duration.

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