Different and unusual flights to/from Libya

Yesterday afternoon, we recorded various traffic to and from Libya. Two flights, an Italian Air Force Leonardo C-27J (reg. MM62214) and a USAF Boeing C-17A (reg. 10-0222), departed from Libya heading to Europe.

The Italian C-27J took off from Tripoli, likely landing at Trapani Birgi AB (the last part of the flight was not tracked, hence “likely”), while the American C-17A left Benghazi for Ramstein AB in Germany.

However, it is this specific C-17A that has conducted several unusual flights: on July 25th, it departed from Ramstein AB and landed in Tripoli.

From there, it headed to Sigonella AB, and yesterday morning, it took off towards Benghazi.

The nature of these U.S. flights in Libya is unclear.

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