Russian movements in the Mediterranean

Referred to as the “game changer,” the Russian Navy Admiral Gorshkov frigate, with her hypersonic missiles, was expected to counterbalance the departure of several Russian units from the Mediterranean.

However, up until now, her activities in the Mediterranean have been limited to some training missions and two escort missions for Russian merchant vessels traveling from the Black Sea to Tartus, Syria. The last escort mission, for the ship Sparta IV, concluded 2 days ago.

The Admiral Gorshokov has now set sail again. Its destination and mission remain unknown, but the absence of a supply ship at sea suggests a short-range activity. It’s worth noting that the minehunter Vladimir Emelyanov (departed on the same day as Admiral Gorshkov) and the submarine Kranosdar (the only submarine based at the Syrian naval base, a Kilo improved-clas) are also absent from Tartus, as well as.

Meanwhile, most of the US naval forces are currently located in the Ionian Sea.

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