Report on Russian Navy activity in the Mediterranean sea

A new Russian naval unit entered the Mediterranean Sea today. This is a new auxiliary unit, specifically the repair ship PM-82, which crossed the Strait of Gibraltar this morning.

It is interesting to note that the ship, unlike other Russian auxiliary units, does not turn on its AIS transponder and has never transmitted its position by radio. This is unusual, and the ship’s position has only been determined through random ground sightings (we are talking about open source information, of course).

It is also interesting to note that the arrival of the unit in the Mediterranean could mean that some of the Russian ships stationed there need repairs that cannot be carried out normally at Tartus and that, at the moment, there is no plan for them to return home (and, especially, to be replaced).

In the meantime, we record that the tanker Admiral Paromov, together with the minesweeper Vladimir Emelyanov, continues its journey to the west and is tonight south of Sardinia. The corvette Mercury is still in Algiers.

We do not have news, however, of the tanker Vyazma and the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, while the tanker Yelnya is located south of Antalya (below you can hear his transmitted morse message) where the USS Gerald Ford aircraft carrier is in port.

It is not clear if the Yelnya is alone (difficult) or not.

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