Monitoring Crimea (and Sevastopol)

This night, a Ukrainian attack hit the naval base in Sevastopol, the main military port in the occupied Crimea.

The dynamics of the attack are not yet clear, but it seems that the target was the dry docks and that a landing craft and a Kilo-class submarine were hit. The damage has not yet been precisely quantified.

It appears (but the conditional is mandatory here) that the attack was carried out with SCALP/Storm Shadow cruise missiles launched from a Ukrainian Air Force aircraft.

This morning, after a few days of absence, a USAF Northrop Grumman RQ-4B drone (reg. 11-2046, c/s FORTE10) has reappeared over the Black Sea, orbiting south of Crimea but almost always within the Turkish FIR. A more discreet position than usual but from which the situation in Crimea and Sevastopol can still be monitored.

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